Barrons Hut 29-09-07
Barrons Hut 31-12-05
Barrons Hut 3-10-05
Barrons Hut 14-1-06
Barrons Hut 6-5-06
Barrons Hut 08-07-06
Barrons Hut 18-11-06
Barrons Hut 23-12-06
Barrons Hut 20-01-07
Barrons Hut 03-02-07
Barrons Hut 17-03-07
Barrons Hut 15-09-07
Barrons Hut 29-09-07
Barrons Hut 01-12-07
Barrons Hut 12-01-08
Barrons Hut 16-03-08
Barrens Hut 05-07-08
Barrens Hut 14-09-08
Barrens Hut 27-12-08
Barrens Hut 28-02-09
Barrens Hut 02-05-09
Barrens Hut 27-02-10
Barrens Hut 18-09-10
Barrens Hut 12-03-11
The Split 21-05-11
Barrens Hut 02-07-11
Barrens Hut 30-07-11
Barrens Hut 03-12-11
Barrens Hut 24-12-11
The Split 14-01-12
Barrens Hut 28-07-12
Barrens Hut 12-01-13
Barrens Hut 13-07-13
Barrens Hut 20-07-13
Barrens Hut 08-02-14
Barrens Hut 15-11-14
The Split 10-01-15



Well, what an interesting day this turned out to be.  We headed out of Dolan's Bay and as soon as we got going there was something odd.  The water as he headed East appeared to be flowing against itself.  This was quite unusual to watch.  The incoming tide was flowing in, against the surface water that was being pushed out by the strong S-SW wind.  Once out of the bay the swell was quite small and there was little wind effect.  So we headed South for the Undola.  The water became a bit more choppy as we headed down and we hugged closer to the coast.  It was when we reached the open shore of the beach that the water really chopped up, and the seas got much bigger.  We battled on, getting within 1.5km of the Undola.  But the seas were too rough, we would have been able to anchor, so we turned around.  We had been getting quite a bit of splash from the seas and thought that now the wind was at our backs we would fair well.  It was good until a wave behind us pushed us forward and down into the next wave.  We were swamped.  Gone were our sunnies and beanies.  And everything in the boat was drenched.  The bilge pump worked hard as we struggled to get our selves back together.  After that, all thought of the Tug was gone and we limped over to Barrons.  At Barrons the sea was flat and calm.  So that's where we dived.  Lot's of PJs and great viz.  Wayne kitted up for a second dive but I was cold and weary and stayed on the boat.




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