Barrens Hut 18-09-10
Barrons Hut 31-12-05
Barrons Hut 3-10-05
Barrons Hut 14-1-06
Barrons Hut 6-5-06
Barrons Hut 08-07-06
Barrons Hut 18-11-06
Barrons Hut 23-12-06
Barrons Hut 20-01-07
Barrons Hut 03-02-07
Barrons Hut 17-03-07
Barrons Hut 15-09-07
Barrons Hut 29-09-07
Barrons Hut 01-12-07
Barrons Hut 12-01-08
Barrons Hut 16-03-08
Barrens Hut 05-07-08
Barrens Hut 14-09-08
Barrens Hut 27-12-08
Barrens Hut 28-02-09
Barrens Hut 02-05-09
Barrens Hut 27-02-10
Barrens Hut 18-09-10
Barrens Hut 12-03-11
The Split 21-05-11
Barrens Hut 02-07-11
Barrens Hut 30-07-11
Barrens Hut 03-12-11
Barrens Hut 24-12-11
The Split 14-01-12
Barrens Hut 28-07-12
Barrens Hut 12-01-13
Barrens Hut 13-07-13
Barrens Hut 20-07-13
Barrens Hut 08-02-14
Barrens Hut 15-11-14
The Split 10-01-15


Barrens Hut has been disappointing the last few times we had been there.  This time was no exception.  The seas were big but far apart and with a southerly run we felt that Barrens Hut would be OK.  We were wrong.  At the bottom the sand was being stirred up and viz was only a few metres.  We headed from our anchor along the sand line to our favourite hollow in the reef.  Wayne went in and I was about to follow.  Then the current came, pushing Wayne back towards me and into the rocks, while I held on to the rocks to avoid being swept out.  I don't ever recall being in such strong current.  This spooked us a bit and we headed back toward the anchor. A lone PJ took our attention for a few minutes before we headed back up.



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