Barrons Hut 14-1-06
Barrons Hut 31-12-05
Barrons Hut 3-10-05
Barrons Hut 14-1-06
Barrons Hut 6-5-06
Barrons Hut 08-07-06
Barrons Hut 18-11-06
Barrons Hut 23-12-06
Barrons Hut 20-01-07
Barrons Hut 03-02-07
Barrons Hut 17-03-07
Barrons Hut 15-09-07
Barrons Hut 29-09-07
Barrons Hut 01-12-07
Barrons Hut 12-01-08
Barrons Hut 16-03-08
Barrens Hut 05-07-08
Barrens Hut 14-09-08
Barrens Hut 27-12-08
Barrens Hut 28-02-09
Barrens Hut 02-05-09
Barrens Hut 27-02-10
Barrens Hut 18-09-10
Barrens Hut 12-03-11
The Split 21-05-11
Barrens Hut 02-07-11
Barrens Hut 30-07-11
Barrens Hut 03-12-11
Barrens Hut 24-12-11
The Split 14-01-12
Barrens Hut 28-07-12
Barrens Hut 12-01-13
Barrens Hut 13-07-13
Barrens Hut 20-07-13
Barrens Hut 08-02-14
Barrens Hut 15-11-14
The Split 10-01-15


  We have been trying to get back to Barrons Hut for a while.  This Saturday we had good weather and reasonably calm waters.  The viz was excellent.  We did 2 dives on Nitrox.  The first was to a maximum depth of 26m and an average of 21m for 56 mins.  We had a 55 minute surface interval then dived again to 27m with an average of 19m for 48 mins.  I did get into deco and spent 10 mins on the deco bar.  We could have stayed longer but did not fancy a longer decompression time. It really was as good as it gets.  The caves and tunnel were fantastic and the fish life prolific.  Amongst the fish were groper, trevally, old wives, nudies, bullseye and stingarees.  On the second dive were were joined by 8 divers from Sea Tamer II.  The current was coming up and at one stage one of the anchors came off it's rope.  We could not find the anchor until we were topside.  One of the divers on Sea Tamer had brought it up.


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