Barrons Hut 08-07-06
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The Split 10-01-15



We had the chance on Saturday July 8 2006 to visit this area with Leo from Aquasea.  The plan was for him to show us around The Gullies.  With conditions reported to be flat and calm, this would have been a great dive.  Well, the seas were big and the wind not too kind either so the gullies was out of the question.  We anchored at Barrons, Leo dropped down to check the anchor and came back with a leak on his SPG.  He was prepared to sit it out but we came to the rescue, replacing the spindle and away we went.  Viz was poor and it was a bit surgy.  The split has over a dozen PJs in it, some quite big ones.  We swam slowly amongst them, they were not at all worried about our presence.  We stayed down as long as our deco limits would let us (about 30 mins).  Leo had to go up a bit earlier as he had lost quite a bit of air from his leaking SPG.  Max depth was 25.6m. 

After dropping Leo back at Dolans Bay and having our cup-a-soups and chatting with the Sea Tamer we headed out again, back to Barrons to explore the south end.  Sea Tamer was there and the Underwater Research Group as well.  The seas were big and I was getting green.  Didn't help that my Vytec decided not to read my transmitter when I looked at it at the bottom.  I hadn't checked that it was reading before the dive.  No matter what we did, in the water or on the boat (I had to ascend and climb back into the boat) it would not read.  I resorted to adding a SPG and then away we went.  Viz was awful and the surge was the biggest that I have experienced for some time. I lost Wayne who had gone to find the front anchor but waited at the back anchor for him.  After 5 mins I started to ascend and there was Wayne on his way down.  We dived as far as the chimney and it  looked really dark so we didn't go in.  Back to the anchors and we came across the front one.  We freed it up and headed for the surface.  Not one of our better dives but a good experience in diving in poor conditions.

fish fillets?

PJs in the split

The split

getting up close

PJs galore

PJs galore

old wives


poor viz for Barrons Hut

Sgt Baker


Leo Hillyer

Wayne with Leo in boat


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