Macca reef  08-11-08
   Our second dive for the day, shallower than Middle Ground is Macca reef.  These reefs are part of a number of reefs that run along roughly North to South.  Maccas is 27m on the sand.  It is quite similar to Middle Ground, being a rocky reef that sits a few metres above the sand, with crevices running thorugh them and overhangs.  We found a PJ sitting on the sand and I found a small wobbiegong.  I should have taken photos of it but chose to swim over to Wayne to tell him.  When I got back it was gone.  Again on Nitrox but 28% this time we had 25 mins bottom time.
[Maccas Reef 03-03-07]
[Macca reef  08-11-08]
[Maccas reef 27-02-10]





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