Midway reef 15-12-12
Midway Reef 23-10-10
Midway reef
Midway reef 15-12-12


Wayne, Heinz and I headed out from the Brooklyn boat ramp specifically to dive Midway reef.  We anchored at our marks.  Heinz decided the water was a bit dirty for him but we took the reel and over we went.  Wayne told him that if the viz was good we would send up a safety sausage to tell him it was good and he could join us. 

At the bottom the viz was spectacular, a good 15m, maybe 20m even.  Wayne put the sausage up to tell Heinz that the viz was good but Heinz sat the dive out.

I took my reel and swam out to the sand line across scattered boulders with nice sponge gardens on them.  When we ran out of line at 74m from the anchor Wayne attached his reel and on we went.  Not a lot of fish as we followed the sand line around but beautiful rock formations.

At the end of the dive I got out as normal.  For some reason I lifted by mask onto the top of my head, something that I never do.  A few moments later I pulled my hood off.  Then as I was securing my gear I could no find my mask.  Then I realised what I had done - when I took my hood off my mask has gone overboard and down to Davie Jone's locker.  Wayne marked where we were and se decided that on our second dive we would see if we could find it.  We had our surface interval in the river behind the headland.

Then back to the make which Wayne had called Rudy's mask.  I was first down and hooked my line to the anchor starting a sweep at 10m out.  I had intended to do one circuit then extend the line and do another.  Half way around my first sweep Heinz reaches down about 5m in front of me and hands me back my mask.  How lucky can you be.  The mask is a top of the range Atomics low profile so I really di dnot want to pay for a new one.

We continued the dive around a beaut bommie and then along small rock crevices.  This is one dive that I did not want to end.



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