Point Tupei 17-07-10


 Point Tupei is on the south side of Long Bay,  It has large walls dropping in several steps from around 12m down to 22m on the sand. And quite  a lot of rocky outcrops.   We anchored well off the cliffs as the sea was breaking quite big closer in.   

The viz was great, although it was quite surgy.  We swam south for a bit, watching a large black ray swim past closer to the sand. A weedie sea dragon is always lovely to see and we had one on this dive.  There were lots of schools of fish, I photographed a lovely pair of old wives under a rock ledge.  A group of hulafish also mad a good a good photo opportunity.  Having ventured south for about ten minutes we headed back past our anchor and north where the area is more rocky outcrops on a sandy bottom.  Of course you can collect lots of golf balls here as the golf course is directly above.