Wedding Cake 050909
Wedding Cake 17-02-07
Wedding Cake 050909


Interesting weather on Saturday 5th September 2009.  The forecast as for 0.9m seas >9 secs apart, and light winds.  In actuality the seas were sloppy with moderate winds, making it challenging on the surface.  We ventured down to Shark point but it was too sloppy there.  Heading back wedding cake looked divable. We anchored about 80m East of the island in about 20.  The bottom was rocky with some small walls and gutters.  There was not a lot of fish around but a good variety of nudies. I was diving in my wetsuit - 15 degree water.  I had a triple X sleeveless vest, my sharkskin and the semi-dry plus hood.  I was not cold at all. 

The viz was OK, maybe 8m and the water a bit milky.  Given the tide was close to high tide ebb we had thought the viz would be better.  Not a great dive but we got wet which was good.