Club 10 Millne Reef

We were at Club 10, Millne Reef where we had spent the night   An early start on day 2, Sunday 15 October 2006.  At 5.30am we were roused to be in the water at 6am.   This early morning dive was spectacular. There are 2 bommies located behind the boat.  A short surface swim out to the further of the 2 bommies, which has a small buoy attached to it so you can head for that and then drop down. Once down you can get down to around 24 m. There is a huge amount of fish life here. We saw another reefie, my buddie saw a turtle and there were very colourful fish and corals of all shapes and sizes.   

We dived around the bommie furthest from the boat then across to the closer one. Here the top is quite shallow. I found a lionfish and took lots of photos.  The water was clear and clean and viz was great.

There were lots of big fish under the boat all the time we were there.  We loved this one so much we did our second dive for the day there as well.

Moore Reef Turtle Bay
Club 10 Millne Reef
Moore Reef - Three sisters


Below are the pics from our second dive at the 2 Bommies.


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