Hilda 20-05-06
  We made a second attempt on the wreckage of the Hilda on May 20, 2006.  The sea was quite flat and there was almost no wind.  We anchored at the site, then noted the bearing to the actual GPS co-ordinates.  We dived in that direction 310 degrees but soon realised that we were too shallow.  Heading back East we came across wreckage that looked like engine parts.  We followed a North track from there, and found a long RSJ and a bit further on another long piece of steel.  At that point we turned and came back South passing the engine parts and finally coming to the propeller.  It's quite small compared to what we had expected.  Shortly after that we went in search of the anchor.  Not finding it we headed up, did a blue water safety stop and then swam back to the boat.  Dive 237 for me.
Hilda 20-05-06
Hilda wreck 25-08-07
Hilda wreck 25-02-06
Hilda 10-01-15


school of fish

engine parts

the propeller

small plate coral


nice colured fan




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