ABC Decks
Promenade deck
ABC Decks
Swimming Pool
Cargo holds 1 & 2
Million Dollar Point
Medical Supplies
Engine room
The Lady
Doctor's Office
Dave's Hash Tour
Coolidge Night Dive
Santo Flowers


ABC Decks is an interesting dive that takes you through the decks A B and C.  At one point in what would have been a stair case we could see the corridors of the 3 decks heading towards the stern.  It is an easy dive with limited penetrations but most enjoyable.  We dived the ABC decks and then had the choice of exiting the wreck or going through to the chain locker.  On the way we go past large loops of what appeared to be rolled hose.  On a number of dives we passed rows of toilets, installed for the 5,000 soldiers who were transported on the Coolidge.  Long rotted away the toilet bowls had thin dividers between them.  Aiden was our guide for this one.

There is always something new to see on each dive.  We saw lots of artifacts including a typewriter, plates, old hose


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