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The first 2 cargo holds are in the front of the ship.  The holds are huge and still have  a lot of equipment in them.  The dive is a swim out to 3-5m then dropping down and swimming cross to the bow of the ship.  From the bow we followed the deck along, past the chain winches and past Nessie's home.  We go straight past cargo hold 1 and into cargo hold 2.  At the entrance is a collection of smaller items.  Inside however there are trucks still recognizable and a large gun a Long Tom.  The barber's chair used for crew hair cuts can be seen at the top front side of the hold.  This is also the hold that is used for the night dive - an absolute must.  Cargo hold 1 as Jeeps and some china plates in it.

On a previous dive I had seen our guide Dave blow air rings.  Like smoke rings but in the water these are air rings.  After some attempts and watching another diver do it I managed to master it and below are pics to prove it. It takes a lot of lung power and I could not keep it up for long.

We dived cargo hold 2 again.  Specifically I wanted to get better pictures of the barbers chair and the gun in the hold.  It's an easy dive but just as good the second time



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