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Jenny was feeling unwell on the morning of May 18 so I went out with Dave the guide.  Just the two of us.  He diced to take me the the Doctor's office.  It is actually behind the barber's chair but is accessed from further back in the wreck.  As you approach the Doctor's office there are two ways to get into it.  One is through the normal door which is part open.  To do this tou have to swim under the door and then up and over a steel beam.  This is the normal way and the way Dave had told me we would go.  Obviously along the way he remembered my episode getting stuck going into the engine room and decided to enter the office from above the door.

Once in there we settled to look at all of bottles and instruments that were there. Absolutely amazing.  Dave showed me an ampule which contained catgut sutures.  Amazing after so many years these are still in perfect condition. I took a photo of one and have zoomed into it in with photoshop.  This was another amazing dive.


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