Ningaloo May 2008  

Before our whaleshark swim we get the opportunity to have a dive.  The non divers sharpen their snorkelling skills. We choose to be led on the dive and once we sort ourselves out from the less experienced divers we are able to follow Phil our guide's white legs around the site.  This site is a series of ridges at a max depth that is 16m (although we did not get to that depth).  There was plenty of life and some really long swim throughs.  In one Jen lost her reg but recovered well without help.  This was our introduction to our diving at Ningaloo and it did not disappoint. We thoroughly enjoyed diving in warm 27oC water and great viz.

Whaleshark swim
West Coast 02-05-08
Murion Islands  04-05-08
Lighthouse Bay 05-05-08
Sea Kayaking 06-05-08
Monkey Mia 30-04-08
Floats 03-05-08



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