Lighthouse Bay 05-05-08

Monday we lined up again at the Lodge at 7.20 for our pick up.  There are a lot fewer of us today.  We had met Anthony and Julia on the whaleshark swim and they had been on the Murion islands and again diving Lighthouse Bay.  They were on holidays from South Australia and camping down on the west coast of the National Park.  They are keen photographers above water and have some wonderful pics of the flora and fauna above the water.  Again, we form a chain at the wharf to transfer the gear across.  And then it's out of the marina and a relatively short boat ride around the point, past the navy pier.  Up close the pier is huge.  It is probably 3 stories high and very long.  It would be a spectacular dive.  We are being guided today by Emma who had only had her DM for 2 days. We also had 2 DMTs with us.

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Lighthouse Bay 05-05-08
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Blizzards Ridge

We anchor at a dive site called Blizzard Ridge.  We are moored over a white sandy bottom at a depth of around 8m and will max out at around 14m.  Emma leads us south across the sand and to a point where we drop down over a ledge.  As we turn east we see reefs along the wall, absolutely covered in fish. There are wobbies, a lionfish, a blue spotted ray in the sand, octopus, schools of yellowtail, white tip reef sharks and much much more.  The viz was not as good as at Murion but the variety of corals and the fish life is just amazing.


The last dive site for our trip this time is called Gullivers.  Again we follow Emma across the sand from the mooring and into the reef.  The corals, gorgonian fans and fish were amazing again.  Octopus, white tip reef sharks, harlequin shrimp, batfish and heaps more.  Emma found a broken piece of starfish near the harlequin fish and put it close to the shrimp.  They quickly took it back into a more sheltered spot. At the end of the dive I got a good pic of a large batfish with DMT Helena in the background.  Again, this is a fantastic dive site.

Harlequin shrimp


Batfish & Helena

DMT Helena


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