Murion Islands  04-05-08

Sunday and another great day.  We are picked up at our lodge in the bus and taken around the Exmouth dive centre.  Today we will go on a different boat Sea Zone, departing from the Exmouth marina..  The trailer is loaded and 36 divers head out on the buses.  Well, of course there are 80 cylinders to move so we form a chain along the dock and pass the cylinders and other gear down the chain. This works really well when there are many hands.  The run out to the islands is about an hour, during which time we set up our gear.  The cylinders are mostly 100 cu ft with a spattering of smaller ones.  We elect to be led as we believe on an unfamiliar site we will be shown more good stuff and don't need to worry about navigation.  So we follow Phil's lily white legs around the 2 dive sites. 

Whaleshark swim
West Coast 02-05-08
Murion Islands  04-05-08
Lighthouse Bay 05-05-08
Sea Kayaking 06-05-08
Monkey Mia 30-04-08
Floats 03-05-08



The first site we dived was called Jaws.  Max depth around 16m this site is just full of corals of all types.  There are lots of plate corals and gorgonian fans and the fish are just amazing.  We saw octopus, wobbiegongs, white tip reef sharks, a nudibranch and so many fish it was hard to keep track.  The pictures say it all. 


After Jaws we moved on.  The skipper stopped at several sites searching for the best visibility before mooring at Cod.  This has a max depth of 16m and again is just spectacular. There are lots of plate corals and gorgonian fans and the fish are just amazing.  This was an inspired choice and we did not want to leave it.


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