Ningaloo May 2008  


Whaleshark swim
West Coast 02-05-08
Murion Islands  04-05-08
Lighthouse Bay 05-05-08
Sea Kayaking 06-05-08
Monkey Mia 30-04-08
Floats 03-05-08


We left Denham fairly early after a tip off from a local who told us that we needed to be at Monkey Mia to see the dolphins by 7.30 to beat bus loads of tourists.  We arrived at 7.30 and the first talk and feed had started.  The talk starts when the dolphins arrive and finishes with the feeding.  The talk is very informative and you learn a lot about dolphins and about the individuals.  Only the adult females are fed and they only get one fifth of their total daily food intake.  They are fed 3 times each day.  This amounts to 3-4 small fish each feed.  We attended all 3 feedings for the day.  This allowed us to be more aware of the process and be closer for the second and third feedings.  The dolphins leave as soon as the feeding is over.  While the dolphins are very close, and you are aware of them checking you out, you are not allowed to touch them.  This is to reduce risk of us passing on diseases to them.

The dolphin interaction and feeding is quite special but once that is over  we had little else to do.  There is no decent snorkeling off the beach, although there is a floating platform, accessible by boat that has quite a lot of life on it. You can sail around the area in a large catamaran, go for a camel ride, swim or walk on the beach, go for a cultural walk through the scrub land.  But for us there was little that we could not do elsewhere. 

star fish

eagles bluff

Eagles bluff

boardwalk being re built at Eagles bluff

eagles bluff


live posie on side of the road

4 wind turbines

wind power

wind power

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