Six Fathom Reef 29-12-06
Six Fathom Reef 290406
6 Fathom Reef 23-6-06
Six Fathom Reef 29-12-06
Six Fathom Reef 22-09-07
Six Fathom Reef 10-11-07
Six Fathom Reef 31-03-07
Six Fathom Reef 07-02-09
Six Fathom Reef 09-12-06
Six Fathom Reef 08-12-07
Six Fathom Reef  01-06-08
6 Fathom Reef 17-09-05


We had wanted to dive the Tuggerah today but the seas were too sloppy.  We got as far as Barrons Hut but would not have left the boat there unattended.  So 6 fathom reef it was.  Viz was only fair and there was not a lot to see.  I might be missing something because I find this site rather boring.  Others rate it much higher.  It is a fall back if sites further out of the heads are not divable.  We spent 40 mins here.  At the end of the dive I headed up.  Wayne stayed below to free the anchor.  Unfortunately once the anchor was free the wind started to move the boat quite quickly and I had pulled the front anchor up too quickly for Wayne to stay on it.  He had to let go and ended up on the surface about 60m from the boat.  He used the alert tone on his low pressure inflator which I heard clearly.

Our normal procedure if the anchors are likely to catch up is to lift the back anchor up to 5m depth, while one diver (the one with the most air) stays at the front anchor.  The diver in the boat then pulls the front anchor up slowly (aim about 12 m/min) while the diver at anchor comes up with it.  That diver then moves across to the back anchor at 5m and completes safety stops.





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