Six Fathom Reef 290406
Mother Nature seems to be keeping the seas too big for us to get out to where we want to go.  This weekend we went out of Dolans Bay at Lilli Pilli.  Six fathom reef appeared diveable with the seas being long and high but far apart.  At the surface the viz was good. We could see the anchor rope a long way down.  At the bottom the viz was about 2m and the surge very strong. I went down the front anchor and secured it by wrapping the chain around a rock and jamming the anchor under a ledge. I could not see the back anchor. Wayne arrived a few minutes later. Scouting around we found the back anchor secure in the sand. We found out later that it had dug into another anchor in the sand which we recovered. We skirted the reef edge, crossing a bit to try to find the reef proper. Eventually we did and followed a wall facing East traveliing North at about 17m before turning and following another ledge back at 15m. At the other end we swam across the reef to the West side and tried to see where the anchor was. Not finding it we did a blue water ascent and during our safety stop we drifted over to the back anchor rope. More luck than anything else.  One of those dives that's more about a learning experience - nav in poor conditions.
Six Fathom Reef 290406
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