6 Fathom Reef 23-6-06
  After an hour and a half surface interval at Gibbons point, we went out to 6 Fathom to look for an anchor that Wayne had lost a few weeks ago.  We had GPS co-ordinates of the spot.  When we got to that location I dropped my dive flag over the side.  As expected, the boat drifted away from the flag with the outgoing tide.  We got the anchors set and following a bearing of 240 from the anchors we found the dive flag weight.  We lost a bit of time as one of Wayne's weight pockets kept falling out.  We finally got it to stay put and not more than 20m away was Wayne's lost anchor.  Securing it to the dive flag, we set off, following the wall south.  The viz was perfect and there was lots to see.  There was no surge, the water was really clear, the fish plentiful and it was a great dive.  At 100bar we headed back diagonally across the top of the reed to our starting point.  We were a bit too far east and could not find any of the anchors.  We surfaced to have a look and found that the 2 anchors had dragged a bit.  Not far, just enough to put us off.  No problems getting the main anchors off but the lost one refused to come loose so Wayne ducked down to free it.  A lovely diver here - just under an hour at a max depth of 17m.  Dive # 244.
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6 Fathom Reef 23-6-06
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