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Neds beach is a wonderful place to snorkel.  Just off the beach is a series of low coral growths that have lots of fish on them.  Most of the fish are tropical and include doubleheaded wrasse.  You will often see small galapagos whalers here as well.

The greatest attraction is the fish feeding.  Here you can hand feed the fish with pellets which you can buy at the site or bring bread with you which you can buy at Thommos. Kingfish up to 1m in length will come up in significant numbers to get some bread.

There are also appealing rock pools at the east end of Neds beach.  There are toilets and change rooms and a large shed that you can shelter under. Both gas and wood BBQs are there and picnic tables.  Equipment hire is available in an honour system,  Get what you need, record it in the book and put your money in the locked box.  Shorties, fins and masks are available plus a number floatation devices including body boards with viewing windows.






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