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Deacon's delight
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This was our last dive for the trip.  The seas were still pretty rough but Taz was determined to get us a dive.  We headed out the north passage and around Mt. Eliza.  Tas checked out in front of the Admiralty islands but the water did not look too clear. 

He selected a sited called Deacon's delight.  This is not far from Malabar landslide, further out and ranging from around 16m on top of the reef to 22m on the sand. Consisting of several large rising this site has lots of fish. I saw a number of crays, several nudies, a galapagos whaler which cruised past and lots of tropical water fish.  Also a pipefish which cruised past me then turned and came back around me again.  Viz wasn't as good as we have had but was still a good 15m.  Sadly Jen was feeling sick so she stayed on the boat.




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