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Thursday 3rd May started off with perfect conditions on the lagoon.  Sunny sky, light breeze. But on the other side of the island the wind and swell were quite big.  Taz takes us out the front of the lagoon to a site called Crevice to the Arch.  The boat is anchored at the start of a long crevice in 10 to 12m.  The crevice goes for maybe 30m and has lots of shelves where critters can be found. I found a nice cray and got a good pic of it as well. At the end of the crevice the dive turns left along smaller coral walls and then right into the arch.  The arch is about 5m wide and maybe 3m from the sand to the bottom of the arch.  Sweet lips can be found here.  The dive returns the same way but with enough air you can explore the area under the boat.  There is a very nice amphitheatre there.

We had our surface interval back at the shop then headed out to a site called North Passage Wall.  This is a long wall that follows the north end of the north passage into the lagoon. It is quite pretty and allows a safety stop at the top of a bommie where I got a pic of a nice small spotted eel.  Lots of tropical fish here including lionfish.  Maximum depth would be 12m depending on the tide which makes a long dive.


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