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Wednesday 2nd May is the first day that we can get a double dive in. We head around the island to the Admiralty group of islands which are opposite Ned's beach.  Our first dive site is Rupert's reef.  Rupert is gent who used to dive these islands many years ago.  This was his favourite dive site.  It's main feature is a long crack between 2 walls going down to around 20m. There are a number of ledges along the crack where there are often interesting creatures.  We had a large school of very small fish towards the end of the crack and a number of lionfish.  Lots of other fish also and spotted eels and nudies.  A lovely dive site.  I spent 52 minutes here with a max depth of 20.6m.

After tea and bikkies during our 50 minutes surface interval we headed a short distance to Noddy's Island, so named for the Noddy birds that roost there.  We anchor close to the island and jump in.  We drop down to the anchor on the island then across the sand to a reef.  We spend most of the dive on this reef at 16-18m which has a myriad of fish on it.  Then we head back to the island where I am getting close to deco.  I finish the dive early to avoid going into deco despite having plenty of air. Max depth was 18.9m and I dived for 40 minutes.



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