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North Bay snorkelling


Our last full day on LHI on May 8.  After a very big lunch at the Anchorage we grab a double kayak and head out with our snorkelling gear to North Bay.  We get the hang of it OK but can't keep in sync and the kayak keeps trying to turn right.  Jake tells us later that all the double kayaks do that.  We found we had to back paddle on the left side to get the kayak back on track. 

We tied off to a buoy near the boat wreckage and with a bit of effort we get our mask and fins on and over we go. The corals here are amazingly good and lots of tropical fish as well.  We wanted to get over to the wreck of the favourite but the water was too shallow.  After about 1/2 hour snorkeling we were getting cold so we crawled back into the kayak and headed home. We got a bit stranded on the rocks near the dive shop so had to bakc paddle a bit.  All in all a great afternoon.


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