Cairns 13-05-09
Cairns 13-05-09
Cairns 12-05-09
Cairns 14-05-09
Challenger Bay 15-05-09
Cod Hole 15-05-09
North Horn  16-05-09
Admiralty Anchor 16-05-09
Round the Bend 17-05-09
Halfway 17-05-09
False Entrance 17-05-09
Lizard Island 18-05-09
Cod Hole 18-05-09
Challenger Bay 18-05-09
Acropolis 19-05-09
Lighthouse Bommie 19-05-09
Pixie Gardens 19-05-09
Steve's Bommie 20-05-09
Flare Point 20-05-09


Wednesday we were up a bit earlier and headed off to the Daintrees. It takes longer than we expected by well worth it.  Rex's lookout has a natural updraft.  It is used by hang gliders and we can see why.  The beach below would be  a great a landing area.  The views here are worth the stop.  Careful crossing the road.  It is a bit blind on each side and a quick crossing is prudent.

Further on we cross the Daintree riveron the ferry.  First time for Jenny on a ferry.  Our destination is the Daintree Eco Discovery centre.  Here we take a long walk through the rain forest on raised walkways.  There is a viewing platform that has several landings which allow you to view the rainforest at different levels.  We learn that most of the bird and butterfly life exist near the top of the canopy where there is more food and light.  The centre tour includes a discovery book that describes the many signed stops along the walk.  There is also the spoken guide.  It is a small device, a bit like a cordless phone.  You enter in the number where you are on the walk and you get a spoken discussion.  Very well done.  And they have the best coffee. 

A few minutes up the road is a lovely camping and picnic area with 2 walks in the open rainforest.  This is Jindala. We did the shorter 700m walk, again on a board walk.  It crosses a creek twice and is a great short walk.  The longer walk is 2.7km which we did not have time for.  This would be a great place to set up the Motorhome and enjoy the setting. 



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