Admiralty Anchor 16-05-09

This is a really interesting site, also part of Osprey reef.  It is named after an old anchor that became stuck in the middle of a swim through many years ago.  The anchor is upright and stuck right in the middle of the swim through.  This swim through is quite long and wide, in some places it is wide enough for 2 divers.  It starts at about 18m and after about 20-25m it finishes at 12m. There are wonderful bommies here as well.  Lovely schooling trevally and heaps of other tropical fish.

Cairns 13-05-09
Cairns 12-05-09
Cairns 14-05-09
Challenger Bay 15-05-09
Cod Hole 15-05-09
North Horn  16-05-09
Admiralty Anchor 16-05-09
Round the Bend 17-05-09
Halfway 17-05-09
False Entrance 17-05-09
Lizard Island 18-05-09
Cod Hole 18-05-09
Challenger Bay 18-05-09
Acropolis 19-05-09
Lighthouse Bommie 19-05-09
Pixie Gardens 19-05-09
Steve's Bommie 20-05-09
Flare Point 20-05-09




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