Round the Bend 17-05-09

Round the bend is another site in Osprey reef.  This one is really interesting.  We are taken out by Zodiac to a buoy which sits on top of a bommie that has it's top at 30m and drops off to over 45m at it's base.  The top of the bommie is covered in fish life and hard corals.  Jenny records her deepest ever dive here to date at  30.4m.  As we prepare to swim across the void to the adjacent walls we see a Manta Ray go by above us.  It is probably 15m away so we see a large silhouette.  We hoped it would circle back but sadly it did not. We finish the dive swimming along the walls and into shallow waters.  This was a great dive.,

Cairns 13-05-09
Cairns 12-05-09
Cairns 14-05-09
Challenger Bay 15-05-09
Cod Hole 15-05-09
North Horn  16-05-09
Admiralty Anchor 16-05-09
Round the Bend 17-05-09
Halfway 17-05-09
False Entrance 17-05-09
Lizard Island 18-05-09
Cod Hole 18-05-09
Challenger Bay 18-05-09
Acropolis 19-05-09
Lighthouse Bommie 19-05-09
Pixie Gardens 19-05-09
Steve's Bommie 20-05-09
Flare Point 20-05-09



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