Lizard Island 18-05-09

After a much more pleasant overnight steam we arrive at day break at Lizard island.  Here some of our colleagues depart to fly back to Cairns and new people join us.  We get to have a pleasant walk past the ruins of Watsons cottage and up and around out to a lookout. Julia gives us a great talk on Lizard Island as we go.  We finish our walk at the Marlin bar where we have refreshments and then wait in idyllic conditions for our ride back to Spoilsport.

Cairns 13-05-09
Cairns 12-05-09
Cairns 14-05-09
Challenger Bay 15-05-09
Cod Hole 15-05-09
North Horn  16-05-09
Admiralty Anchor 16-05-09
Round the Bend 17-05-09
Halfway 17-05-09
False Entrance 17-05-09
Lizard Island 18-05-09
Cod Hole 18-05-09
Challenger Bay 18-05-09
Acropolis 19-05-09
Lighthouse Bommie 19-05-09
Pixie Gardens 19-05-09
Steve's Bommie 20-05-09
Flare Point 20-05-09



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