Challenger Bay 15-05-09
Cairns 13-05-09
Cairns 12-05-09
Cairns 14-05-09
Challenger Bay 15-05-09
Cod Hole 15-05-09
North Horn  16-05-09
Admiralty Anchor 16-05-09
Round the Bend 17-05-09
Halfway 17-05-09
False Entrance 17-05-09
Lizard Island 18-05-09
Cod Hole 18-05-09
Challenger Bay 18-05-09
Acropolis 19-05-09
Lighthouse Bommie 19-05-09
Pixie Gardens 19-05-09
Steve's Bommie 20-05-09
Flare Point 20-05-09


Our first dive site is Challenger Bay - ribbon reef #10.  This is a chance to sort out our gear ready for the bigger dives.  We find Jen is underweighted and me over weighted.  Using my Halycon wing and single tank carrier, with a 10L alloy tank I find I'm using 4lb but could get away less.  Visibility is excellent and we see heaps of fish life including bump head wrasse.

Our second dive here is much better.  A large moray eel and parrot fish were exciting to see.



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